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2023 Canadian Snowshoe Running Championships - Results

Congratulations to everyone who took part in yesterday’s Canadian Snowshoe Running Championships held at Mont Sainte Anne in Quebec.

The race was wisely moved from Saturday to Sunday to avoid the extreme cold weather conditions.

Our friends at SNOWNERGIE organized multiple events on the day with the 10km snowshoe race also being part of the Dion Canadian Snowshoe Series.

Christopher Busset captured the men’s title of Canadian Champion in the 10km race winning in a time of 39:19. Julien Pinsonneault finished second in 39:38, followed by David Savard-Gagnon in third in 39:55.

Magalie Lessard was the female Canadian Snowshoe Champion in the 10km in a time of 51:30. Melanie Potvin finished second in a time of 54:18, followed by Rachel Thiessen in third in 54:30.

A huge congrats to the SNOWNERGIE team who organized a fantastic race as part of this amazing event.

Dion Snowshoes and Spafford Health and Adventure provided Dion Racing Snowshoes as prizes for both Canadian Champions in the 10km race. Special thanks to Snowshoe Canada for also supporting the race.

The next race in the Dion Canadian Snowshoe Series is the Dion Summerstown Forest Snowshoe Race on February 11. Online registration is still available until Feb 9 (at 5:30pm).


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