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I've used and tested a wide variety of gear over the course of my 40+ year running career. Having worked in the running industry for a very large part of that time I know what works and is high quality gear. 

At Spafford Health and Adventure, we only sell items, accept sponsorships and endorse products that I have fully tested, and believe to be the best on the market. 

The products below are some of my favourite items for summer trail running. Some of these items I sell at Spafford Health and Adventure, some are from my sponsors, some are affiliate links, and some I just feel strongly that they are the best available. 


Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about these items or any other gear questions. 

See you on the trails! 

Derrick Spafford


Salomon Ultra Glide

Why I recommend...

The Ultra Glide offers exceptional cushioning and protection in a lightweight shoe. The fit is great, and outsole gives good traction on a wide variety of trail conditions. I like the speed laces too for offering a secure fit, with quick and easy adjustments on the trail. 


Julbo Ultimate

Why I recommend...

Julbo Ultimate sunglasses are super lightweight, give great protection and ventilate amazingly well on hot days. The REACTIV Photochromic lenses change darkness in seconds to adjust to different brightness when going in and out of dark forested trails. 


UltrAspire Synapse 2.0

Why I recommend...

An awesome single water bottle belt that fits comfortably and securely on your lower back with no bounce. Includes extra pockets for fuel and phone.


BeFree Filter Bottle

Why I recommend...

Great for runs where you’re near lakes, streams and rivers and can keep the weight of your pack super light by carrying less water. Safely scoop water and drink immediately.


Trail Toes Anti Blister

Why I recommend...

Trail Toes Anti-Blister and Anti-Chaffing Cream is the best I've found to prevent blisters and chaffing in the most challenging conditions. Trail Toes does not damage clothing or material. 

Suunto 9 Peak.webp

Suunto 9 Peak

Why I recommend...

I’m a huge fan of the Suunto 9 Peak. Great watch that gives quick and accurate GPS, baro and heart rate readings, and a long battery life that can be extended with the fused track feature. Invaluable to plot GPS routes to navigate unmarked trails, and find my way back.


Xact Energy Fruit Bars

Why I recommend...

I love that Xact is made from natural ingredients, taste amazing and is easy to eat when your stomach might not necessarily feel like it. They stay soft and won’t freeze in the winter too!


Xact Protein Wafer

Why I recommend...

The absolute best tasting post run recovery bars I've found! This is my go-to snack after every long run. My favourite way of eating them is storing in the freezer for a tasty frozen summertime treat! 


BivyStick Sat Device

Why I recommend...

Bivy Stick is the smallest, lightest and most simple satellite communication device on the market. Comforting to have when you're outside of cell range. So light and small that there is no reason to not have it with you at all times when exploring. . 


Tick Remover Tweezers

Why I recommend...

If you run trails, chances are you'll encounter the occasional tick. The key is to remove them asap. I take this tweezer on every long run and leave one in the car just in case .


Silva TR Free Ultra

Why I recommend...

High powered headlamp that’s super lightweight for running. Unique Diffuse/Spotlight lighting gives optimal vision on technical trails. Comes with rechargeable battery pack, but also gives the convenient option to switch to regular batteries for extended long runs or stage races.


Silva Strive Light

Why I recommend...

Love this pack for longer runs when carrying a 2L water bladder. The most comfortable pack I've used when carrying additional fluid and need extra storage for more fuel and other necessary supplies.

Swiftwick Aspire One

Swiftwick Aspire One

Why I recommend...

I don't tend to wear socks in my shoes much in the summer, so when I do, I like a minimal and 

breathable sock that feels like I'm not wearing anything. The Aspire One is light, thin and breathes well, so is perfect. 


GAIA Navigation App

Why I recommend...

I LOVE the GAIA mapping app.  I can download routes and use the GPS mapping to know where I am, even if there is no cell service. This has helped me numerous times after getting very lost on unmarked trails.


SOL Emergency Bivy

Why I recommend...

The safety of an emergency blanket/bivy is something that I take with me on every long run in remote areas as you never know how long you could be out in the wild if something goes wrong.


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