Pulk Packing Planning

Welcome to a new three-part series of articles by Ontario ultra, trail, and snowshoe runner Jennifer Cockcroft. Follow Jennifer as she prepares for her winter running goals that lean far toward the adventurous end of things. As we at SHA are fond of saying, 'Let it snow!' We're sure Jennifer agrees! After a year of getting back into running and ultra-hiking, I started to think about winter goals. I love to snowshoe run and hike, and cross-country ski, but want something more. I used to lead winter backpacking trips, though it's been some time, and I miss them. I want a different challenge - so the plan to 'pulk pack' for overnight winter trips was born! Why? Because more and more, I am less

Navigation Tips for your GPS Watch

Imagine you’re out for a long run and get pulled into an amazing new trail network that you’ve never seen before. You know that you should be turning back, but you just have to see what’s around the next corner ... and then the next. The excitement of the trail just keeps pulling you forward. Finally you make the decision to turn around and begin heading back to your starting point, but things look different. Much different. Was it a left turn at the birch tree, right at giant boulder, and right at the mossy log, or was it right, right, left? Not only are you confused about which direction is the correct way back to the start, but now a storm is blowing in, it’s not long before nightfall, yo

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