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2022 Dion Flurry Snowshoe Race - Results

Congratulations to everyone who took part in today’s Dion Flurry Snowshoe race held in Mount Hope.

Conditions were somewhat blustery on race day at Marydale Park, including blowing snow and deeper snow drifts in segments. 87 athletes competed in the 8 km points race for the Dion Ontario Snowshoe Running series, and the accompanying 4 km event.

8 km Points Race:

Bernie Hogan of Bancroft continued his winning ways in the series with another strong race finishing in first place in the mens race in a time of 37:43. Charley Murphy of Toronto finished in second place in a time of 38:15, followed by Ryan Saunders of Hamilton in third place in 41:53.

Katy Murphy won the women’s race in a time of 49:56. Lise Munsie of Toronto finished second in 50:18, followed by Bethany McRae of Goderich in third in a time of 54:54.

4 km Race:

Peter Quevillon of St Thomas won the mens 4 km race in a time of 19:36, followed by Rob Ridley of Mono in 26:26 and Ken Keddy of Hamilton in 32:17.

Emma Plater of Dundas won the women’s race in a time of 23:22, followed by Audrey De Koning of Dundas in 28:59 and Anastasiia Ikonnikova of Toronto in 30:05.

Ruthie Sloan of Bolton finished first in the Non-Binary division in a time of 26:31.

Thank you to Jeff Rowthorn and his team of volunteers at Happy Trails Racing for putting on a great race. A special thank you as well to all of the sponsors of the race and series.

Next Race:

The final race in the Dion Ontario Snowshoe Running Series is the Dion Snowshoe Squall Race next Sunday, February 27th in Hammond, ON. Please note that the final day to register is February 20th.




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