Once a Shoe Geek...

New shoe testing day with Speedlands.

I’ve always been a shoe geek. I can remember the first ‘real’ pair of running shoes my parents bought for me way back in the late 1970’s called the Autry Concorde. They sold for $34.99, which seemed like a lot of money at the time. I was still playing hockey mostly, but I thought these running shoes were awesome. I was using them during dryland training for hockey and for track and cross country during the school year.

As I began to focus less on hockey, I began taking running much more seriously. With more running, came more shoes. I was now getting heavily into the sport in the early 1980’s, and bought a pair of New Balance 990, which was the first running shoe to sell for over $100. I don’t know if my parents ever knew how much I paid for these shoes ($125), but I loved them and was convinced they’d make me a better runner.