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2023 Dion Flurry Snowshoe Race - Results

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Dion Flurry Snowshoe Race held in Mount Hope today.

This was the 6th of 8 races in the Dion Canadian Snowshoe Series.

Unfortunately, with the recent melt and warm temperatures, there was no snow on the course, so the race was held without snowshoes as a trail run.

Two events were held with the 8km series points race, where points were awarded for the national series, as well as a 4km non-points race.

8km Dion Canadian Snowshoe Series - Points Race:

Bernie Hogan of Bancroft won the men’s 8km race in a time of 30:31. Charley Murphy of Toronto finished second in a time of 31:37, with Troy Morris of Toronto in third in 36:31. Darren Osborne of Oakville was the top men’s master in a time of 37:43.

Danielle Ryzer of Richmond Hill finished first in the women’s 8km race in a time of 38:04. Kirstin Lukasko of Waterdown finished second in 38:32, followed by Joanne Moon of Goderich in third in 38:52. Katy Murphy of Toronto was the top women’s master (over 40yrs) in a time of 39:19.

4km Non-Series Race:

Pete Quevillon of Thamesville won the men’s 4km race in 17:08. Sean Pynaert of Thorndale finished second in 17:17, followed by Cameron Matthews of Burlington in third in 21:37. JJ Conquergood was the top master in the men’s race in 28:56.

Rebecca Read of St. Catharines finished first in the 4km women’s race in a time of 20:00. Belen Viglione-Murch of St. Catharines was second in the women’s race in 20:31, followed by Caroline Balogh of London in 21:14. Audrey De Koning of Dundas was the top master in the women’s race in 21:25.

A big congratulations to Happy Trails Racing and their wonderful team of volunteers for putting on a great race, despite the lack of snow.

A special thanks goes to series sponsors Dion Snowshoes, Spafford Health and Adventure, XACT Nutrition, in addition to all of the local sponsors, and with support from Snowshoe Canada.

The next race in the Dion Canadian Snowshoe Series is the Dion Snowshoe Squall Snowshoe Race to be held next weekend in Hammond, Ontario, near Ottawa. This will also be the Ontario Snowshoe Running Championships race.



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