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Pulmonary Embolism Hiccups

It’s now been almost 5 months since I was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. While my lung continues to get stronger, structurally my body has had a few hiccups along the way.

There was a concern that I may have had a stress fracture in my right tibia (shin) as I was increasing my running again, however it seems more likely now that I have a muscle tear in my soleus (calf). My physiotherapist feels as though this has probably happened as a result of my left calf being weak after having had the blood clot there in January, meaning that I had a significant muscle imbalance and my right calf was overworked.

I had to take some more time off running to heal my calf, but have started back doing very short runs again, while also going to physio.

I have increased my time mountain biking during my recovery, which has helped my legs and lung to get stronger. We bought a new mountain bike for Sara recently and have been doing some rides together on our favourite local trails.

I’ve actually really enjoyed my time on the trails on the bike. I’m getting out most days, and feeling more comfortable each time. Riding these trails that I’ve run countless times in the past has given me a new appreciation for the beauty and a different challenge. This has been a most welcome addition to my training as I continue to recover and rehab.

While my lung is improving, full recovery, can be anywhere from 6 months to a couple of years….and sometimes never for some people. I feel fortunate to be back reasonably active again so soon. I’m getting stronger physically and mentally and starting to look forward to, and believe, that there may be events, projects, races and expeditions again In my future


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