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The Essential Bottle Pack is an entry level hydration waist pack that allows you to comfortably carry the essential items you need on your run.


This water belt comes standard with a 550 mL UltraFlask in the mesh pocket. It can hold small cell phones and/or other small items (credit cards, gels/foods, keys, pills/electrolytes, etc) in the secured zipper pocket, in addition to a exterior storage with a bungee cord for a jacket or shirt. The Essential Bottle Pack is made with a conical shape that allows for a comfortable fit and a bounce free ride. Adjustable strap allows for one size to fit most.


Recommended Use:
Entry level runner who wants a simple light waist belt for daily training for up to half marathon races. Also works well with most bottles including .5L bottled water.


• Lightweight and simple waist belt for daily training
• Large pocket to hold UltraFlask 550
• Storage compartment to hold essentials (large enough to hold iPhone 7+)
• Can hold any half liter bottle for hydration needs


Color: Pitch Black

Size: 26″-43″

Hydration: 1 x 550 ml UltraFlask

Capacity: 128 c.i. (2 L)

Dimensions: 14.5″ x 2.5″ x 10″

Weight: 5.6 oz (159 g)


Product Demo Video 

UltrAspire Essential Bottle Pack

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