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The 132 Frame w/Ice Cleat and Secure Fit Binding is suitable for a combination of running and hiking in a variety of conditions. This is our best priced Dion Snowshoe package.    




132 Frames: Lightweight snowshoe frame designed for running and hiking. Great for runners looking for a larger surface area in deeper snow &/or hikers who snowshoe on packed trails. 


Ice Cleats: Made of durable stainless steel and holds up well to a variety of conditions, including poor snow conditions, ice and trail debris.


Secure Fit Bindings (fits up to mens size 12): Our basic strap binding that offers a snug and secure fit.


  • Snowshoes arrive to you fully assembled and ready to hit the trails!

132 w/Ice Cleat & Secure Fit Bindings (Run/Hike Package)

  • DIMENSIONS 7.8" x 21.5"
    WEIGHT/PAIR 2 lb - 13.1 oz./pair
    OPTIMAL LOAD 140 - 200 lbs (total including pack weight)
    SURFACE AREA 132 sq. in.
    RECOMMENDED USE Running, Racing, Trail Walking, Backcountry, Mountain Hiking


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