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The 121 Frame w/Deep Cleat & QuickFit Binding is perfect for running, racing or walking on softer snow conditions or for lighter weight users. 




121 Frames: Lightweight and durable. This is the workhorse in the Dion line, suitable for running, racing and trail walking.


Deep Cleats: The Deep Cleat has longer "fangs" for more traction than the Standard Cleat. It is optimal for deep snow or for lighter weight users who need more traction. Made of Teflon coated aluminum to help prevent ice and snow from sticking.


Quick Fit Bindings: Lightweight, secure and easy to get on and off quickly, using a special type of velcro fastener. Additional size straps are included to insure that you get a perfect fit with no excessive strap length.


  • Snowshoes arrive to you fully assembled and ready to hit the trails! 

121 w/Deep Cleat & Quick Fit Bindings (Run Package)

  • DIMENSIONS     7.2" x 20.7"
    WEIGHT/PAIR 2 lb - 4.9 oz./pair
    OPTIMAL LOAD Under 200 lbs (total weight including pack)
    SURFACE AREA 121 sq. in.
    RECOMMENDED USES Running, Racing, Trail Walking


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