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Snow and ice can sometimes build up on the bottom of your snowshoes in certain snow conditions (usually during warm weather or after water crossings). MountainFLOW’s Skin Wax for Ski Mountaineering Skins is very effective to also prevent snow and ice buildup on the bottom of your snowshoe cleats. 


  • Best applied when snowshoes are warm & dry.
  • Water-based, non-toxic and eco friendly
  • Store spray at room temperature. 
  • Best enjoyed with friends
  • SIZE: 4 OZ



  1. Allow Snowshoes to dry and warm up indoors. 
  2. Spray on bottom of snowshoes (or spray on cloth and wipe onto snowshoes). Focus on forefoot and heel cleats, but include lightly on base of bindings too. 
  3. Allow to dry, preferably overnight. 
  4. Put snowshoes outside, ideally at least 30mins before going snowshoeing. 
  5. Go play!

Mountain Flow Snowshoe Cleat Wax (Spray)

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