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  • What are the most popular Dion Snowshoes?
    Our most popular snowshoe setup is the 121 Run/Race Frame, with the Quick Fit Binding, and Ice Cleat. This is a lightweight, durable, quick to get on and off package that is good for a wide range of users and snow conditions.
  • What Dion Snowshoes are best for me?
    For easy shopping, we have put together some recommended packages for you to consider. Our most popular setup is the 121 frame, quick fit bindings with ice cleats. They’re lightweight, efficient to run in, easy to get on and off, and very durable. If you’re not as concerned with speed, then the 122CA with secure fit bindings and ice cleats is a great price, and would be good introductory model to get you started.
  • Can I customize my Dion Snowshoes?
    The great thing about Dion Snowshoes is that you can select the frame, cleat and binding specifically for your needs. You can mix and match components with whatever combination of frame, cleat and binding that you want. Design your customized snowshoes.
  • What are the main differences in Dion Frames?
    Frames: 164 Frame: Designed primarily for hiking. 132 Frame: If you are mostly hiking with some running on a combination of packed snow and some soft snow, then we suggest the 132. 121 Frame: If you’re primarily going to be running on a variety of trail conditions and also include some hiking on packed trail, then the 121 is a little lighter and smaller, so your best choice. 122CA: This is a good introductory snowshoe for someone just getting into snowshoe running. It has many of the same features as the 121, but at a lower price. 120 Frame: The 120 Laser is our smallest and lightest snowshoe, so a little more racing specific.
  • What are the main differences in Dion Cleats?
    Cleats: Ice cleats: Super durable and versatile and what most people will go with if living in a variety of conditions, especially if potential for poor/icy conditions. Standard cleat: Lightweight and resists snow/ice buildup better, as they are coated with teflon. Deep cleat: Longer cleat length. Better for deeper snow &/or lightweight runners who may need more traction. Deep cleats are also teflon coated to resist snow/ice buildup.
  • What are the main differences in Dion Bindings?
    Bindings: Quick Fit Bindings: Most people go with the quick fit bindings, as they are lightweight, comfortable and easy to get on and off quickly. Just make sure that you read instructions with the extra straps provided to get a perfect custom fit. Secure fit bindings: Less Expensive. They’re very secure but not as easy to get on and off quickly….especially if straps freeze in certain snow conditions.
  • Do Dion Snowshoes come already assembled?
    Yes, snowshoes come fully assembled and ready to go.
  • How do I replace/change Dion frames, cleats and/or bindings?
    Frame, Cleat and/or Binding can be changed in less than a minute by turning the two cleat screws 1/4 turn counterclockwise.
  • What is the proper fitting of Dion Quick Fit Bindings?
    To insure a proper/snug fit with Quick Fit Bindings, both pieces of the velcro type fasteners need to make full contact with the opposite connecting end of strap. If strap doesn’t reach to make full contact or if too much strap, then simply replace strap with a larger or smaller size strap from the extra straps provided. English Quick Fit Instructions: French Quick Fit Instructions: To make a more snug fit still, check out the lock system technique for your quick fit bindings.
  • Is there a way to make Dion Quick Fit Bindings more secure?
    When sized correctly, Quick Fit Bindings will remain secure, even in deep snow. If you're looking for an even more secure system with Quick Fit Bindings, using a locking system (as shown in photos) where you thread the strap in and out of opposing buckle before fastening down creates an extremely secure fit for races or extended periods of deep snow. Using this method may require you to go up a size in extra straps that are included with your quick fit bindings.
  • Can I switch to use a Dion hiking frame with my Dion racing snowshoes or do I need to buy entirely new snowshoes?
    The beauty of Dion Snowshoes is that you can switch out the frames (or cleats, bindings) for different uses. IE..If also you have Dion running snowshoes, but also want to have snowshoes for hiking in deeper snow, you can purchase JUST a hiking frame and use your current cleat and binding for hiking too. The frame can be swapped out quickly and easily in less than a minute by turning the two cleat screws 1/4 turn counterclockwise.
  • What makes Dion Snowshoes different and better than other brands?
    Modular: You can choose the frame, cleat and binding for your specific snowshoe needs. If any component wears out over a period of time, you can simply replace that component and not the entire snowshoe. Lightweight and Efficient: Dions are lightweight, narrow, with an ergonomic taper, and a smooth, efficient hinge (think super-shoe plate concept) that returns energy to your stride. All this allows you to run much quicker and more efficient with less energy wasted compared to other snowshoes. Durable: Dions are thoroughly tested in the toughest of conditions to make sure that you get the best quality and most durable snowshoes available. Dion Gives Back! Dion Snowshoes give back to the snowshoe and snowshoe running communities by supporting and partnering with countless athletes of all ability levels, races and charities.
  • Will I be able to share my Dion Snowshoes with with friends that have larger or smaller feet?
    Secure Fit Bindings are a good choice for multiple users as they fit a wide range of foot sizes. Quick Fit Bindings come in three sizes (Small, Regular and Large), but have extra straps included for customized fitting.
  • My old pair of snowshoes create balls of snow sometimes after walking/running through wet snow, will Dions do the same thing?
    Cleats can ball up in certain snow conditions, mostly in wet snow or water crossings. Our Standard Cleat and Deep Cleat models are teflon coated, which helps to resist snow/ice buildup. Applying wax to cleats can help further in some conditions.
  • The trail I like to run has a road crossing, do I have to take my snowshoes off? 
    Roads and other hard surfaces can damage and cause premature wear to frame, cleat and binding, so should be avoided when possible. If you must cross a road, make sure to slow to a light walk. If you come to an extended section of road/hard surface, then best to take snowshoes off and carry or put in a backpack.
  • What type of footwear is best to wear with Dion Snowshoes for snowshoe running? Can I wear studded winter shoes with my Dions?
    For snowshoe running, a Goretex trail running shoe is optimal as they are waterproof, breathable and keep your feet warm. Regular running shoes can be used, but your feet may get wet. Always best to wear Merino Wool socks as they will help keep your feet warm, even if they get wet. Gaiters will also help to keep your feet dry. Running with studded running shoes in any snowshoe is always discouraged as they will damage the decking and bindings in snowshoes and void the warranty.
  • What is the warranty on Dion Snowshoes?
    All Dion Snowshoes come with a Lifetime Warranty against defects in material or workmanship. We will repair or replace any part(s) found to be defective. Please contact us for information on the quickest way of obtaining repair or replacement.

Check out this Snowshoe Magazine Article and FAQ for additional info on Dion Snowshoes!

Still have a question???...  Please contact us and we'll reply directly to you asap. We're always happy to help! 

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