Trail Angels and Ferry of Bedford Mills

Last weekend we checked out one of the remaining single-track sections of the Rideau Trail that we have left to explore. This short section runs from Bedford Mills to McAndrew Road, and is only a little over 3 km (one way) but as it carves through a beautiful and wild forest it seems longer and is well worth the drive as an excursion. The highlight of the trail is a human-powered ferry, built by some true trail angels, the Rideau Trail Association trail volunteers.

Warm up

First we got a bit lost and did a bonus pre-loop on some fun ATV trails. We even found a trail named after us!

After enjoying what we soon realized was a wrong turn loop, we made it back to the car and started again.

Take Two!

Finding the turn we missed took us right through a nice swamp (which of course the RT sometimes loves to do) before meandering through pine forest and around the edge of a beaver dam deep in the woods. We were anticipating the major highlight of this trail, and finally