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Keep a faster pace with running poles from Silva!


Running with poles saves your legs when running long distances or when running races, especially when the terrain is challenging. These lightweight running poles, made of carbon fiber, help you keep up the pace on uphills and make you more stable on technical terrain. 


Silva's adjustable running poles are made of 100% 3K carbon fiber and weigh from 402 grams per pair. These poles are for those who want a pair of lightweight poles for trail running so you can run both faster and longer. 


Silva's team of athletes consists of passionate and experienced runners, e.g. Mimmi Kotka and Petter Restorp, who have rigorously tested the rods in challenging conditions and assisted our product developers with valuable feedback. 


These poles are available in 2 length ranges so you can match your body height with the most suitable rod length. Choose between 100-120 cm and 120-140 cm. To find the correct pole length for you, do this: keep your elbows close to your body, bent at a maximum of 90 degrees, then measure the distance between the ground and your hands. This measurement is your correct rod length. The poles have extended handles so you can adjust your grip depending on how steep the terrain is. Since the length of the rods can be adjusted, you can also adjust the length of the rods. Therefore, these running poles are perfect for training sessions and competitions with extremely hilly terrain, mixed with long and flat sections. You never have to compromise on the length of the rods, adjust them smoothly with the aluminum Flicklock lock. It's a quick stretch lock that ensures the poles are reliable to run with, and also minimizes the time from folded to unfolded.


The clever Z design that allows you to fold the poles into 3 sections allows the poles to be easily attached to your running vest or running backpack when folded. 


The gloves, which you quickly click in and out, give you great freedom of movement, and thanks to the breathable material, you can enjoy a comfortable feeling despite many hours of running in all kinds of weather. 


The poles can be used during all seasons of the year in all environments and on all terrain. With your purchase of Silva running poles, replaceable rubber feet and snowshoes are included with which you can complement the concave carbide tips. The carbide tips have a concave shape that enables the body's natural movement pattern when you run. The tips are replaceable, so your running poles from Silva will last for many, many miles. These are poles that are made for running, just like you.



  • Very light, weighing from 420 grams per pair
  • Made of 100% 3K carbon fiber
  • Three-piece Z-bar construction with quick stretch locking
  • Available in 2 adjustable length ranges: 100-120 cm and 120-140 cm
  • Extra long handles for a good grip regardless of the terrain
  • Gloves that are quickly clicked off, designed in breathable material
  • Interchangeable concave carbide tips
  • Snow boots and rubber feet are included

Silva Running Poles (Carbon Fibre/Adjustable)

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