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Build your own custom set of snowshoes specific to your needs. Choose the Frame, Cleat and Bindings from our handy dropdown menu. Snowshoes are shipped fully assembled and ready for your next adventure! 



  • 120 Laser - Lightweight racing frame
  • 121 Running/Racing - Our most popular and versatile running frame.
  • 122CA Running - A younger sibling to our classic 121 running/racing frame. Suitable for a wide range of athletes. Perfect entry level snowshoe for runner just getting into the sport. 
  • 132 Running/Hiking - For runners and hikers who sometimes venture into deeper snow conditions
  • 164 Hiking - Perfect for hiking in all snow including deeper snow conditions



  • Ice Cleat - Our most versatile and durable cleat. 
  • Standard Cleat - For groomed and packed trail. Lightweight and teflon coated to resist ice/snow buildup. 
  • Deep Cleat - For deeper snow conditions and greater traction than standard cleat. Teflon coated to resist ice/snow buildup. 



  • Quick Fit Bindings - Lightweight and easy to get on and off quickly. 
  • Secure Fit Bindings - Standard webbing and lock strap system 


For more details on all frames, cleats and bindings, please go to individual components in our online store


Still not sure what the best set up is for you?... contact us and we're always happy to help!

Create Your Own Snowshoe System

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